Waterford Press
Pocket Naturalist Series
(National Guides)
$6.95 each
Animal Tracks Emergency First Aid Roadside Wildflowers
Birds of Prey Freshwater Fishes Saltwater Fishes
Bugs & Slugs Geology Trees
Butterflies & Moths Mammals Urban Wildlife
Cats Medicinal Plants Weather
Cattle & Horses Mushrooms Wilderness Survival

Night Sky

Ducks Pond Life  
Edible Wild Plants Reptiles & Amphibians  
  (Regional Guides) $6.95 each
Appalachian Trail Wildlife Great Lakes Wildlife Rocky Mountain Birds
Eastern Backyard Birds Gulf Coast Birds Rocky Mountain Trees & Wildflowers
Eastern Coastal Birds Gulf Coast Seashore Life Rocky Mountain Wildlife
Eashern Seashore Life Invasive Plants- W. North America Southern Appalachian Birds
Golf Course Wildlife S. Florida New England Birds Southern Appalachian Wildlife
Golf Course Wildlife S. Arizona New England Trees & Wildflowers Southwestern Desert Birds
Golf Course Wildlife The Southeast Coast New England Wildlife Southwestern Desert Life
Great Lakes Birds Northeastern Seashore Life Southwestern Desert Plants
Great Lakes Trees & Wildflowers Northwestern Seashore Life

Western Backyard Birds

    Western Coastal Birds
  (State Guides) $6.95 each
Alabama Birds Illinois Birds North Carolina Trees& Wildflowers
Alaska Birds Indiana Birds North Dakota Birds
Alaska Trees & Wildflowers Iowa Birds Ohio Birds
Alaska Wildlife Kansas Birds Oklahoma Birds
Arizona Birds Kentucky Birds Oregon Birds
Arizona Trees & Wildflowers Louisiana Birds Pennsylvania Birds
Arizona Wildlife Maine Birds Rhode Island Birds
Arkansas Birds Maryland and D.C. Birds South Carolina Birds
California Birds Massachusetts Birds South Dakota Birds
California Trees & Wildflowers Michigan Birds Tennessee Birds
California Seashore Life Minnesota Birds Texas Birds
California Wildlife Mississippi Birds Texas Trees & Wildflowers
Colorado Birds Missouri Birds Utah Birds
Connecticut Birds Montana Birds Vermont Birds
Delaware Birds Montana Wildlife Virginia Birds
Florida Birds Nebraska Birds Washington Birds
Florida Seashore Life Nevada Birds Washington Trees & Wildflowers
Florida Trees & Wildflowers New Hampshire Birds Washington Wildlife
Florida Wildlife New Jersey Birds West Virginia Birds
Georgia Birds New Mexico Birds Wisconsin Birds
Hawai'i Birds New York State Birds Wyoming Birds
Idaho Birds North Carolina Birds  
  City Guides $6.95 each
Chicago Birds New York City Birds San Diego Birds
Denver Birds Philadelphia Birds San Franciso Birds
Houston Birds Phoenix Birds Seattle Birds
Los Angeles Birds Portland Birds  
  Pocket Traveler Guide Speakeasy Language Guides $6.95 each
Instant French Instant German Instant Italian Instant European Spanish
Instant Latin American Spanish
World Wide Gesture
    City/Country Guides $5.95 each
London New York Paris  
Puerto Rico Rome San Francisco Sydney
    Eco-Travel Guides $6.95 each
African Animal Tracks African Birds African Wildlife Australian Birds
Australian Wildlife
British Birds
Caribbean Birds Costa Rican Wildlife Denali National Park Field Guide to the Grand Canyon
Galapagos Wildlife
Redwood National Park
The Southern Night Sky      
Waterford Press is a publisher of Nature Guides. While not exactly a map or a book, we find that these Nature Guides are very informative. The products are divided into two major groups. The first is the Pocket Naturalist TM Series. The second is the Pocket Traveler TM Series. Both Series are laminated and folded like a map but provide quick identification of objects, sights, or animals.