The United States Geologic Survey is the Government Agency responsible for providing Maps to the Government and Citizens of the United States. and Tucson's Map and Flag Center can obtain any map produced by the USGS. We do carry in Stock all of the Topo Maps for Arizona that are currently produced by the USGS. These include:

The 7.5 minute Series. covering an area 7.5minutes of Latitude by 7.5 minutes of Longitude. Map Scale is 1:24,000. Area covered is approximately 49 square miles. Paper size is 24 inches by 27 inches.Measurements are in Feet. (Dates of maps are from the 1960's to 2005) Prices are $8.95 each for Arizona or normal Stock Maps. For other States the price is $14.95 each

The 30x60 minute Metric Series. Covering an area of 30 minutes of Latitude by 60 minutes of Longitude, Map Scale is 1:100,000. Each map covers an area of about 1800 square miles. Map comes folded. Measurements are in Meters. (Dates of maps are from 1982 to 2008) Prices are $11.95 each

The 1x2 degree Series,(AMS sheets) Covering an area of 1 degree of Latitude by 2 degrees of Longitude, Map Scale is 1:250,000. Each Map covers an area of about 6000 square miles. Measurements are in Feet. (Average date is 1976) Prices are $11.95 each

USGS Topographic Maps