June 20, 2002

Once again our buyers attended the Book Expo America Trade Show in Chicago. And again they came back with some new items that we feel that we need to share as "New Items".

First up is a series of maps by Cognoscenti Maps. These maps are often considered more of a city travel guide than a map. They are designed like a map but the focus is on where the Hotels, Motels, and Restaurants are located--Precisely located. We have personally used the one for Chicago for the last two Book Expos and find them very useful. And they are only $7.95 each. (We have also had in-store customers specifically request Cognoscenti Maps for Miami and Barcelona) Go to the Cognoscenti Page by clicking Here for a complete listing of maps.

Also new in a map format is the Pocket Traveller Series of Guides by Waterford Press. While not really a map and not really a Guide Book, these laminated "reference" items provide a good overview of how a city is laid out. What to see and do in the city and how to get around. Looking at the New York Pocket Traveller, it has a subway system map, a map showing the major landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty), a Manhattan attractions map, and a couple of pages of useful information for Travellers, such as local sayings (BBQs are commuters from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens!) Priced at $5.95

We also found the Z-Maps by Z-publishing. This company makes a little 3"x4" fold out map of several cities that is a convenient and useful map. And they are only $4.95 each. (Rome, Paris, New York, London, Washington D.C. are available)

On the book front, there are several new books out that may be of interest to our customers.

A new series of Kids Travel books from the Lobster Press of Canada, seems to be a hit here in the States. The Lobster Kid's Guides are designed to plan trips to major cities that allow parents to find things for kids to do as well. Available titles include San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa-Hull. (priced at $12.95)

At a more grown up level. The publishers of Shecky's Guides have expanded. From the original "Shecky's" Guide for New York, they have added Chicago and Los Angeles and are working on other cities. "Shecky's Bar, Club and Lounge Guide" for Chicago is $9.95

And we also found Doug Lansky's book, "The Last Trout in Venice". Doug Lansky is a travel writer that provides an interesting take on travel (He has been described as the Arthur Frommer for the Lonely Planet Set) His writings are humorous and he describes the areas that he has been to in rather unique details. "Last Trout" is a compilation of some of his Newspaper Articles on such diverse topics as working in the Ice Hotel in Sweden, his time in a Sumo Wrestling School, Taking the "Sound of Music Tour" in the Alps, etc. This is not rocket science but is fun to read. From the Publisher of Travelers's Tales. (price $14.95)