Michelin Travel Publications is the Map Publishing Division of Michelin Tyre Corporation. Michelin has been publishing Maps and Guide Books for approximately 100 years and is well respected in the field of Commercial Mapping. Their most famous products are the Green Guides which are detailed listings and references to tourist sites and attractions. Michelin Green Guides are considered some of the top guide books in the world today. As well, the road and wall maps produced by Michelin are of the highest quality and in frequent demand. At our retail store, the Michelin World Planisphere Wall Map has been our best-selling Wall Map for over 5 years.


Listed below are the Michelin Products available and Prices.








Green Guides. $21.95 each.
Michelin also produces excellent wall maps of the World and of the United States. These Wall Maps are 40 inches by 60 inches and include a visual depiction of Flags at the top and bottom of the maps.

Wall Maps






Road Maps.



The Wall Maps are $11.95 each for paper maps in a tube. Laminated Maps (Plastic Coated are $19.95 each
Michelin also makes excellent Road Maps for various locales around the world
Michelin has redesigned their Road Map Series. The 700 Series or National Series replaces the old 900 Series "Red Cover" Maps. The prices remains at $11.95 each. The 400 Series or Regional Maps, covering specific areas of the countries (Orange Cover)has become the 500 series. $11.95 or $8.95 each depending on edition. Below you will find the various index maps for the Michelin Road Map Coverage.








City Maps


Michelin also produces city maps for Paris, Lyon, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Washington D.C. Prices are usually $12.95 but some are less. Please email for specific cities.

Road Atlases



Michelin has recently entered the North American Road Atlas venue in a big way. The Michelin North America Atlas is only $16.95. This Atlas describes itself as the "Atlas for the way you Drive". That means that instead of the traditional method of protraying an individual State on each page, the Michelin North America atlas is divided into regional pages. For example, you will find Southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico on the same page. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are on the same page. And it is spiral bound to make usage in the car easier.

European Atlases available are Europe Spiral, Great Britain and Ireland Spiral, Germany, Spain and Portugal, and Italy. Prices range between $22.95 and $26.95. Call for more information.



Michelin is constantly updating their maps and producing maps and guides for new locales. If you do not see your destination in any of the above categories, please email us at mapsmith@mapsmithus.com and we will find out the status of the mapping