Michelin Travel Publications is the Mapping Division of Michelin Tyre Corporation. Michelin has been producitn maps for over 100 years. Michelin is will known and respected for its cartography and Travel Guides. The Red Guide Series highlights the Hotels and Restaurants, the Green Guides highlight tourist sites, and the maps tell you how to get to the places listed in the Red Guides and the Green Guides. Michelin also produces decent Wall Maps of the US and the World.

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Hammond World Atlas Company.

Hammond is one of the oldest and best Known Mapmakers in the world. Recently Hammond merged with Langensheidt Publishing to increase their world-wide distribution network. Please see the American Map Page for the Hammond World Atlas Map Products by clicking HERE.

Periplus Editions/Tuttle Publishing

Periplus Editions is a fairly new (to us) publisher of Travel Maps of Southeast Asia. We have found them to be some of the best maps available for that region of the Earth. The maps are a laminated and folded product and retail for $9.95 each. Periplus Titles are listed below.

Australia Cambodia China Indonesia Malaysia
Brisbane Laos Beijing Bali Johor Bahru
Cairns Myanmar Hong Kong Bandung Kuala Lumpur
Darwin Nepal Shanghai Batam Malacca
Melbourne Philippines Thailand Bintan Penang
Perth Manila Bangkok Jakarta West Malaysia
Sidney Nepal Chiang Mai Java Sabah
New Zealand Kathmandu Phuket Lake Toba Sarawak
Auckland Singapore Ko Samui Lombok  
Japan Vietnam   Medan  
Kyoto     Surabaya  
Osaka     Tana Toraja  
Tokyo     Ujung Pandang  


Cartographia Ltd. is one of the great Hungarian Map Companies. Although not well known in the USA, their maps are very good. Please click on the Logo to go to our Cartographia Page.

Delorme Mapping

Delorme Mapping is based in Yarmouth, Maine. Publishers of the highly regarded Topographic Atlases, Delomre now offers Topographic Atlases for all 50 States. Prices are $19.95 each with the exception of Texas at $24.95. The Delorme Atlas is the most completes Atlas for Off Roading, Hunting, Hiking and other outdoor activities.

National Geographic Maps.

As recently as the mid 1990's if you wanted maps produced by the National Geographic Society, you had to join the Society and subscribe to the Magazine. This was not always practical for many people because of location, expense, etc. So National Geographic Maps became a distributor for the National Geographic Society. The Society has been producing some of the Highest Quality Maps for over 100 years. Their Catalog is tremendous and extensive.

National Geographic now publishes detailed Software for Topographic Maps for each of the 50 United States as well as a Digital 3-D "Globe" and software with ALL the maps they have ever published.

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Gabelli produces both political and Physical Maps. The Political maps are well done and are easy to read. The Physical or "Montiscolor" maps are some of the better Physical Maps available. Gabelli Maps are available ins Standard Size (28 inches by 45 inches ") or Giant (37 inches by 60 inches) Prices for Standard Size Gabelli Maps are $16.95 for Paper Maps, $29.95 for Laminated Maps and the Giant Size Gabelli Maps are $29.95 for the paper map, and $49.95 for the Laminated Map. Gabelli also produces a good series of Continent Maps at $14.95 per map for paper maps and $24.95 for the Laminated Version.

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We have received notice from Gabelli that they are discontinuing the Retail Distribution of their Maps. Although they still will produce the maps for Advertising or Premiums, the current stock of Gabelli Maps is the last that will be available for purchase by the Retail Public. We still have a substantial inventory of Gabelli Maps, but when we sell out they will no longer be available. So if you are looking for a specific Gabelli Map, please call to check our inventory.

Based in Medford, Oregon, Raven Maps and Images are some of the most beautiful maps available. Their cartography has been compared to artwork. We have found that often our customers will buy several Raven Maps for different locations in their homes and Offices. (We recently sold 12 to the USGS Office here in Tucson for their new Local Office) Raven makes maps for most of the United States as well as some of the more unique maps of the World. And Raven Maps are now in demand for Atlases, Regional Maps and Web Pages. We carry in stock the Raven Maps for Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and several other States. We also carry the Raven Map of the Continental United States (both color and Black/White), One World (shown in the above banner), North America, and one of their first maps--the Rocky Mountains (an oblique view with a wire frame grid overlay). For a complete listing of the available maps please see the Raven website.

The Arizona Raven Map is 42 inches by 50 inches and retails for $27.95 for a paper map. $48.95 for a Laminated Version. (The Lamination seems to make the Raven Map more dramatic, on other maps lamination is just for protection, but on Raven Maps it seems to make the map brighter and more vivid.) Other State Maps are similar in size and the same prices. The Continental United States, One World, and the Rocky Mountains are $34.95 paper and $64.95 Laminated.


Trails Illustrated

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Trails Illustrated is a division of National Geographic Maps. They produce high quality Hiking Maps for most of the National Parks and many of the Recreational areas of the United States. All of the Trails Illustrated Maps come on waterproof paper and are Priced at $9.95 each.

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Still under construction more to come!!!!!

Environmental Graphics.

Environmental Graphics is the producer of Several Wallpaper Images. We carry the World Map Wall Paper in both a Paper Version for $89.95 and a single sided Laminated Version for $169.95.

This map is Huge!! And it really is Wall Paper! At 8'8" by 13' it is the largest map that we carry. The Wallpaper Map is current and really makes a room seem larger.

Schools and businesses seem to like the size of the map because everyone in the room can see what you are pointing at. (We recently sold 5 to a new community College and one to the Arizona International College.)

Environmental Graphics World Wall Paper Map.

ITMB (International Travel Maps and Books) is a Vancouver, Canada based producer fo Travel Maps. Their Cartography is excellent and the maps they produce are some of the best in the World. ITMB is noted for producing maps of many parts of the World that the "Larger and Better Known" Map Publishers do not cover. As Examples, ITMB produces maps for many individual Aftican, Central and South American, and Southeast Asian Countries. They also produce the best Baja California Map, which is our number one selling map in the retail store.

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American Map is a division of Langensheidt Publishing, which now includes Hammond World Atlases, Insight Guides and Maps, World Almanac Series Maps, and the Berlitz and Langensheidt Language Series.

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Beartooth Maps

Beartooth Maps is a small publisher of Hiking Maps based in Montana. To see the Beartooth Maps Page, Click on the Name above.

Cruising Charts


Cruising Charts is a small Mapping Company based in Patagonia, Arizona, focusing on maps of the Sea Of Cortez between Baja California and the Mainland of Mexico. The Publisher, Gerry Cunningham has been exploring and mapping the Sea of Cortez for over 40 years. His maps and guides show the love and respect that he has for the Sea of Cortez. These are excellent guides.

Title Price Title Price
Cabo San Lucas Mini Guide $7.50   Puerto La Paz Mini-Guide $7.50
Isla San Jose Mini-Guide $7.50   Agua Verde Mini-Guide $6.50
Escondido Mini-Guide $7.50   Conception Bay Mini-Guide $7.50
Santa Rosalia Mini-Guide $7.50   Bahia de los Angeles Mini-Guide $6.50
Puerto Refugio Mini Guide $6.00   Midriff Islands Mini-Guide $7.00
San Carlos Coastal Chart $4.50   Bahia Kino Coastal Chart $5.50
Puerto Penasco Coastal Chart $4.50   Tide Tables Oct Sept 1. $7.50
Lower Gulf Plotting Chart $6.50   Middle Gulf Plotting Chart $6.50
Cruising Guide to the Lower Gulf (Spiral Bound) $29.00   Cruising Guide to the Middle Gulf (Spiral Bound $31.00
Cruising Guide to San Carlos (Spiral Bound) $20.00   Complete Guide to the Sea of Cortez (all three Cruising Guides) $75.00
Chart Packet for the Pacific Coast of Baja $45.00   Chart Packet for La Paz $29.50
Chart Packet for Conception Bay $29.50   Chart Packet for Bahia de los Angeles $18.50
Chart Packet for San Carlos


  Light List for the Sea of Cortez $4.50

ODT, Inc./Friendship Press

The Friendship Press produces one of the most Unique Maps around. The Peters Projection World Map is in a Class By Itself. Originally produced in the 1920's, the Peters Projection is possibly the most accurate maps showing land area for our planet. An 'Equal Area' Map, the Peters Projection shows all of the land on the planet in actual relation to its size. This does make for some interesting shapes as the map is more concerned with the land area than maintaining "accepted" shapes of the land. That is, the Peters Projection Map will show that Greenland is actually similar in size to Mexico rather than South America as many maps portray Greenland.

The Peters Projection Map is a must for any Cultural Diversity Classroom. The map measures 35 inches by 45 inches with a price of $34.95 for a Laminated Version. is the Internet Presence of our Retail Store in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson's Map and Flag Center is a Full Service Map Store. This means that we carry virtually all of the maps by the Major Map Publishers (and a few of the minor ones too!) This also means that we have literally thousands of maps available. Because of Bandwidth we cannot simply list each and every one of our maps. So we have listed quite a bit of our inventory by publisher. If you do not see the map that you are looking for, please email us at and we will research your requests and see if we can find something that will suit your purposes.

Rand McNally and Company is probably the best known name in maps. The catalog is extensive and is constantly being updated. Rand McNally also publishes the Thomas Guides series of City Street Guides under their publishing banner. Because of the massive number of items in their catalog we cannot list all of their products, but the linked page will have a representative sample of Rand McNally products. Please click on the logo above to go to the Rand McNally page.

Waterford Press

Waterford Press is not really a map company but more of a pocket sized guide book. They currently have a rather extensive listing of Pocket Guides available. For a complete listing click on the name above.