Laughing Elephant is another of the Seattle based publishers. However, rather than maps, they produce reproductions of Classic Travel Labels as luggage stickers. We found these at the Book Expo America in Chicago during the 2004 show, and thought they were neat. They have been selling very well in our retail store, and we have found that they have added to their line.

We also tested these stickers on our luggage for a few trips and were surprised at the durability. (and it make them easy to spot at the Baggage Carousel.) One suitcase was a Samsonite Oyster hard side suitcase. We put a BOAC sticker on that one. The other is a Softside and we put an Icelandair sticker on that one. After the first trip, both arrived with stickers intact. On the second trip the BOAC sticker was gone (may have been removed by baggage handlers) but the one on the softside case was still intact. It took a total of 5 trips and 17 airplanes plus one cruise line for the Iceland air sticker to be no longer usuable and had to be removed.

The stickers are packed 20 to a box and are priced at only $8.95 per box.

Below you will images of the stickers.