Flags of the

United States of America

(Outdoor Flags)

Mapsmithus.com, as the internet portal for Tucson's Map and Flag Center, is proud to sell Flags of the United States of America. We also feel that, whenever possible, USA flags should be made in the United States. To that end, we offer Flags made by Annin & Company of New Jersey, Flagzone, LLC of Pennsylvania, The Flag Place of Georgia and Alabama, Valley Forge Flag Company of Pennsylvania, Flagsource of Missouri, and Eder Flag Company of Wisconsin. Most are members of FMAA or the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, a trade group dedicated to manufacturing the Flag of the United States in the United States.

We, at Mapsmithus.com are pleased to offer American Flags in a variety of fabrics and a variety of sizes. We offer the American Flag in Rayon, Cotton, Nylon, and Polyester. We stock American Flags in sizes from 4"x6" as a table top or hand held Flag up to 8 foot x 12 foot for large commercial flagpoles. (We also can arrange delivery of such a flagpole but that information will be on a separate page)

Flags of the Member Nations of the United Nations
Flags of the States of the United States

Most Flags are so comparable in Quality that we have set our prices without regard to Manufacturer. The differences in Flag Quality for the Flag of The United States is so high that most people cannot tell the difference between one manufacturer and another,--particularly for those made in the United States. (Differences in quality between U.S. made American Flags and those made in Asia or the Caribbean are obvious)

Below are the prices for The Flag of the United States.

4"x6" Tabletop Flag Cotton $1.29Each 4"x6" Tabletop Flag Rayon $3.29 each
8"x12" Cotton Flag $3.99 Each 8"x12" Rayon Flag $4.99 each
12"x18" Cotton Classroom Flag on Staff

$4.99 Each

12"x18" Rayon Classroom Flag on Staff $5.99
24"x36" Cotton Classroom Flag on Staff $14.99 Each 24"x36" Rayon Classroom Flag on Staff $5.99 2.5'x4' Printed Polyester Pole Hem Flag $32.99 3'x5' Printed Polyester Flag (H&G) $17.99
24"x36" Rayon Classroom Vertical Banner $17.99
The Flags Below all have Embroidered or Appliqued Stars and Sewn Stripes.

12"x18" Nylon Flag with Heading and Grommets (Courtesy Flag for Mariners) $21.99 "Signature" 3'x5" Nylon Flag with Larger Stars and Lock Stiched Stripes $47.99
2'x3' Cotton Flag (H&G) N/A 2'x3' Nylon Flag (H&G) $29.99
2.5'x4' Cotton Flag (H&G) N/A 2.5'x4' Nylon Flag (H&G) $37.99

2.5'x4' Polyester Flag (H&G) $47.99
3'x5' Cotton Flag (H&G) $47.99 3'x5' Nylon Flag (H&G) $41.99

3'x5' Polyester Flag (H&G) $56.99 3'x5' Hercules Polyester $54.99
4'x6' Cotton Flag (H&G) $59.99 4'x6' Nylon Flag (H&G) $59.99 4'x6' Polyester Flag (H&G) $73.99

4'x6' Hercules Polyester

5'x8' Cotton Flag (H&G) $94.99 5'x8' Nylon Flag (H&G) $87.99 5'x8' Polyester Flag (H&G) $116.99 5'x8' Hercules Polyester $104.99
5'x9.5' Cotton Flag (H&G) (Casket Flag, Storm Flag, Memorial Flag) $109.99 5'x9.5' Nylon Flag (H&G) $94.99 5'x 9.5' Polyester Flag (H&G) $135.99
6'x10' Cotton Flag (H&G) $139.99 6'x10' Nylon Flag (H&G) $119.99 6'x10' Polyester Flag $170.99 6'x10' Hercules Polyester $129.99
8'x12' Nylon Flag (H&G) $207.99 8'x12' Polyester Flag $245.99
Flags Below are Available as a Special Order Only
8'x12' Cotton Flag $259.99 10'x15' Nylon Flag (H&G) $330.99 10'x15' Polyester Flag $375.99 10'x15' Hercules Polyester $379.99
10'x19' Nylon Flag (H&G) (Garrison Flag, Fort Flag) $370.99 10'x19' Polyester Flag $430.99
12'x18' Nylon Flag $435.99 12'x18' Polyester Flag $499.99 12'x18' Hercules Flag $499.99
15'x25' Nylon Flag $689.99 15'x25' Polyester Flag $799.99

15'x25' Hercules Flag

20'x30' Nylon Flag $979.99 20'x30' Polyester Flag


20'x30' Hercules Flag $1199.99
20'X38' Nylon Flag $1149.99 20'x38' Polyester Flag $1399.99 20'x38' Hercules Flag $1399.99
30'x50' Nylon Flag $2249.99 30'x50' Polyester Flag $2799.99
      30'x60' Nylon Flag $2599.99 30'x60' Polyester Flag $3199.99      

A short note on the fabric that is used to make Flags. Flags of the USA are usually made of Cotton, Nylon, or Polyester fabric. Each has pros and cons. Cotton Flag Material makes flags that look authentic and are usually the best match for color. However, Cotton Flags do not wear as well as other fabrics. They are also subject to water damage and can stretch out of shape while wet. Nylon Flags have a "shiny" look and wear better than Cotton. The Nylon Flag is lighter and flies in the wind with a lighter wind. However, in a strong wind, Nylon Flags can "Pop" which leads to quicker wear. Polyester Flags come as an inexpensive printed Version, a 2-Ply version, and the "Hercules TM" Single Ply Polyester. The printed inexpensive Flag is a cheap, simple Flag. The 2-Ply Polyester is the longest lasting, but heaviest of the Flags. The Hercules is a midpoint between the 2-ply and Nylon. That is, it is strong but lightweight. Each type of Material has its uses. For most residential uses, the Nylon USA Flag is probably the best choice. For Businesses, the 2 ply is probably the best. For areas with High Winds, either the 2ply or the Hercules would be a better choice than Nylon. For Indoor display against a wall (like a gymnasium) the cotton is possibly a better choice. If you have questions about which is best for your situation, give us a call or send an email with the specifics of your display needs and we will suggest our opinion of the best flag for you.


We also stock Kits that include Flag, Staff, Ornament, and Bracket so that you have everything that you need to fly your American Flag.

3'x5' Printed Polyester Flag Kit with a 6' long by 3/4" diameter.Aluminum Pole, Plastic Eagle, and Stamped Steel Bracket. $20.95 each

3'x5' Nylon Flag with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes, 6' x1" Spinning (non-tangle) Pole, Ball, and Adjustable Bracket $55.99 each

(The above kit is also available without a Flag (so you can fly the flag of your choice) for only $33.95 each.

That includes the Bracket, Spinning Pole, and Ball)

We also stock Indoor or Formal or Parade Flag Sets. These sets include an American-made Flag with Fringe and Pole Hem, an 8 foot by 1 1/4" Wooden pole with a brass joint. ABS Eagle or Spear Finial and a Shiny Brass Colored ABS Base. We keep USA and Arizona Sets in Stock for only $159.99 each.

The set without the Flag is available for $129.99.































































We now also have the official VA approved 5'x9.5' Cotton Memorial Flag (also known as the Casket Flag, or the Burial Flag ) This Flag is American Made Cotton Fabric with Linen Appliqued Stars.

Price is $119.99 each.