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Tucson Tourism and Recreation Maps

We at mapsmithus.com are fortunate to live in the beautiful Desert Southwest of the United States. Our Base of Operations is Tucson's Map and Flag Center in Tucson, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert.


Tucson, Arizona is blessed with ideal weather for outdoor recreation for most of the year. Although it does get hot here in the summer months, the fall, winter, and spring months have spectacular weather. This has made Tucson a destination for outdoor enthusiasts for years. Tucson is fortunate to have two units of the United States National Park System within two hours of downtown. We also have the Coronado National Forest in the Mountains around the city. And as part of Coronado National Forest we have several Wilderness Areas very close to town. Pusch Ridge Wilderness actually is visible from the city and you can be in a wilderness area and out of sight of the city in as little as 20 minutes from downtown! And as an outdoor recreation destination, Tucson has been the focus of detailed hiking and outdoor guides. Mapsmithus.com and Tucson's Map and Flag Center are happy to present the following selection of our Tucson Guides and Maps.





The Tucson Street Atlas published by Phoenix Mapping is the most detailed Street Map available for the Greater Tucson Area. The 2010 Atlas is now available and is the atlas most used by the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Real Estate, Taxicab, and anyone else who needs to know where the streets are in Tucson. The Atlas also contains maps for most of the populated regions of Pima County Arizona including Oro Valley, Marana, Green Valley, Arivaca, Ajo, Vail, Tortolita, and Casas Adobes. The atlas is equivalent to a Thomas Guide, Key Map, ADC or other city atlas. Price is $22.95 each.








The City of Tucson also has a large variety of folded Street and Tourism Maps. The maps above represent the major types that are currently available. The first is the City Street Map by Universal Map. This map shows similar detail to the Street Atlas but has a more limited coverage. The Tucson Map by Universal shows Metropolitan Tucson only. That is, it covers Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, and Vail but not the rural areas surrounding Tucson. It is also printed on two sides making the Northwest part of Greater Tucson on the back of the main map. Price $4.95. The second map is the Recreation Map of Tucson and Southeast Arizona published by Northstar Publishing. This map we affectionately refer to as the "Tourist Map" because it shows just the major streets of Tucson but it also shows the location of many of our specific Tourist Destinations. The reverse side of the map shows Southeastern Arizona and in particular highlights the locations of Ghost Towns through this region of the state. Price is $2.95. Also, Rand McNally produces a Tucson City Map and a North Tucson Map for the Marana and Oro Valley area of the Greater Tucson Community. Price is $4.95 each.







We are also fortunate to be a large enough Tourist Destination to have a large variety of Tourism Guide Books for the Tucson Area. The Insiders' Guide to Tucson (4th edition now available) is a similar tome. The 5th edition has just been released.









Tucson is also a great Hiking and Outdoor Recreation Destination. The two books above are some of the best available to show the many and varied Outdoor Options for the greater Tucson Area. Betty Leavengood's Tucson Hiking Guide is the most thorough discussion of the Hiking opportunities available in the Tucson Area. Betty is a regular customer of Tucson's Map and Flag Center, and she has put together an extensive listing of the hikes around Tucson. The Tucson Hiking Guide is a must if you plan to Hike in Tucson! Price is $15.95. The Falcon Guide to Arizona's Cactus Country also covers the Tucson Area but extends out to some of the more distant hiking areas of Southern Arizona. Such as the Chiricahua or Huachuca Mountains and even over to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Price is $14.95.








Tucson is fortunate to have both Saguaro National Park and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument within 2 hours of town. Saguaro National Park has units on both the east side of Tucson and the west side. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is located about two hours to the west on the Border between Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Both contain spectacular Scenery, Unusual Plant and Animal Life, and many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Trails Illustrated produces very good maps of both parks for $11.95 each.








Tucson is also surrounded by Mountains that are under the National Forest Service Jurisdiction. To the North is the Santa Catalina Range with the Pusch Ridge Wilderness facing Tucson. To the South is the Santa Rita Mountain Range and to the far Southeast is the Chiricahua Mountain Range. Each District has its own map. District maps are $9.95 each. The Pusch Ridge Wilderness Map is $9.95







"Tucson Then and Now" by Glinsky and McGee. In the early part of the Century, Mr. McGee enjoyed flying his twin engine plane over the Tucson area and taking photos showing how the town was laid out. Several years ago, Mr. Glinsky found the McGee photos at the Tucson Historical Society. He felt that it would create an interesting study to attempt to take similar photos of Tucson Today. He was also able to meet and become very close friends with Mr. McGee. The resulting book is amazing. It shows how the city of Tucson has grown but still provides a direct connection to the past. Our Price for this wonderful historical perspective is $12.95


And Finally, mapsmithus.com and our Retail Store--Tucson's Map and Flag Center carries all of the USGS Topographic Maps for Arizona, including the greater Tucson Area. And we will have an index up as soon as we can figure out the easiest way to do so. Until then, please email us and tell us the area that you would like to have covered and we can respond with the names of the maps and how much they will be.