National Geographic Maps and Software

Software by National Geographic

National Geographic Maps has recently acquired the very fine line of Topographic Software previously produced by Wildflower Productions. This provides National Geographic Maps with a quality Topographic Software Product. This Program is spectacular. It allows you to plan routes, waypoints, and so on; then download the waypoints into your GPS.

TOPO! Software works in conjunction with most Global Positioning Systems but you cannot download the maps into your GPS. You can; however, download your GPS Waypoints and Routes into your computer and they will be apparent on the Computer Screen. You may also develop Routes and Waypoints on the Computer and upload these into your GPS. But again the maps themselves cannot be loaded into the GPS .

TOPO! Software is extremely easy to use and provides 7.5' detail on the maps and they are exact scans of the USGS Topographic Maps.


National Geographic Maps has always been the standard for published maps. They now produce their National Geographic Reference Maps, Trails Illustrated Maps, Adventure Maps, and TOPO! Software. The images below provide a catalog of their products. and Tucson's Map and Flag Center carry almost all of the products listed. If they are not in stock we can get them in about a week.